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Betsy S. Franz ~ Recipient of 2010 Charlie Award for Writing Excellence

Hello! I am a freelance writer and photographer specializing in Green topics, nature, wildlife, the environment and both humorous and inspirational human interest stories. My articles and photographs have appeared in many publications including Grit, Natural Awakenings, E - The Environmental Magazine, BassTimes, Spirituality and Health, Florida Wildlife, South Carolina Wildlife, Outdoor Delaware, Spaces, Your Big Backyard, Louisiana Conservationist, BackHome Magazine, Lake Country Journal, American Forests, Birdwatcher's Digest, Whole Life Times and others.

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I have always loved nature and wildlife and I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to encourage others to get outside, take a closer look at the wonders around them and then learn how to Take Care of Their Share of the planet.

My motto: "I don't just hug trees. I fondle flowers, caress critters and play in the dirt!"

Syndicated Green Content

If you need "green", eco-friendly, human interest or gardening content for your website, I can provide articles or blog posts for a very affordable cost.

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Costs and Services

I write for many reasons: to inspire, to encourage, to enlighten, to influence and to earn income. The amount that I charge for my services often depends on how well an assignment will allow me to achieve a combination of those things.

Although I have the experience and skills to cover almost any topic, I prefer to accept assignments that will allow me to make a positive difference in the world.


Prior to dedicating my time to freelance writing and photography, my work background included ten years working at a public library, which provided me invaluable research skills; and ten+ years in the computer support department of a large local electronics firm, which helped improve both my people and problem solving skills.

I have also attended the Master Gardener training and I am a trained National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help your publication or organization in promoting the appreciation of nature. For your immediate needs, I have photographs and articles on many topics. Or I will be happy to create something for your specific needs.

I look forward to hearing from you! Betsy S. Franz.

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