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Press Release - How to Take Care of Your Share of the Planet

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How To Take Care of Your Share of the Planet
- Exploring, Restoring and Protecting Your Share of Planet Earth
, ©2010

Hybrid automobiles and reusable shopping bags are great ways to go green. But the best way to have a positive effect on the environment is to start outside by learning to Take Care of Your Share of the planet.

The premise of this book is very simple. If you are a property owner, you own a share of the planet. If you are a renter, you rent a share. In order to do your part for the planet, you need to learn to Take Care of Your Share.

This book provides basic information about how to create a healthy landscape for you, your family and for local wildlife. Since the secret to creating a healthy habitat is to work WITH local conditions, each chapter contains suggestions and resources for the reader to discover information specific to their area.

You are encouraged to keep a journal during your progress, both for the educational (left brained) benefits and for the sense of wonder (right brained) that will be discovered as get to know the flora and fauna in your habitat on a more intimate level. Special bulk prices available for retailers, builders, garden centers, environmental groups and others who want to help encourage others to Take Care of Their Share Planet.

How to Take Care of Your Share of the Planet - Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Why keep a journal?
  • Using this book
  • Creating your habitat journal
  • Creating a paper journal: putting pen to paper
  • Wildlife habitat journal template
  • Local contact information
  • Sample habitat journal entry
  • Your journal in document format
  • Using an online blog to create your journal
  • Suggested activities & journal entries: go outside!
  • For new homeowners
  • Green building programs
  • Creating your healthy habitat
  • Landscaping with nature not against her
  • Get to know your property
  • Right plant, right place
  • Irrigate efficiently
  • Use mulch to conserve water
  • Protect the groundwater
  • Fertilize with care
  • Natural fertilizer: create compost
  • More hints for fertilizer & compost
  • Nutrient values of common compost materials
  • Alternatives to pesticides
  • Attracting beneficial insects
  • Buying beneficial insects
  • Create wildlife habitat
  • Safety first
  • Food sources for wildlife:
  • Water for wildlife
  • Places to raise young:
  • Providing habitat for butterflies
  • Plants for butterflies
  • Providing habitat for birds
  • Plants for birds
  • Providing habitat for hummingbirds
  • Plants for hummingbirds
  • Attracting other pollinators
  • Dragonflies
  • Other local wildlife
  • Dealing with other critters (including humans)
  • Bird, butterfly & other wildlife monitoring programs
  • A recap: steps towards a wildlife friendly habitat
  • How to influence others
  • Maintaining your journal
  • Author's essays
  • The pleasures and pitfalls of creating wildlife habitat
  • Wonders never cease
  • You may be a nature nerd
  • Bibliography and resources
  • How to Take Care of Your Share of the Planet is also available locally at:

    Rockledge Gardens - 2153 South U.S. Hwy. #1, Rockledge, Florida 32955